Investing In Fathers

My business and niche market is targeted towards improving the health, mindset, and overall quality of life for fathers. I have decided to put forth all of my effort towards investing in dads. My 1 on 1 coaching programs will be filled with 40 men that are ready to invest in themselves, and by investing in themselves, they will eventually be able to pass on what they learned to their family. This is why I started an online fitness business. I can still give my high quality services, but now I’m doing it at scale. By empowering strong men to be accountable for their health, it will create a domino effect to make their life, and their family members’ lives significantly better.

Meal Timing Doesn’t Matter

Really, it doesn’t matter. Before you get your panties in a wad, hear me out. Energy balance is one of the most important variables when achieving your physique goals. Because I serve skinny guys that want to get jacked, that’s who we will use in the example. Now, you have to understand the concept of why ‘food is fuel’. This is true because food is measured in calories. A calorie is a unit of energy. We are literally taking in energy when we eat. When we are expending energy, we are exercising, walking around the house, and we’re even expending calories when we’re sleeping. For you to gain weight/build muscle, you must be consuming more calories you’re expending. Why do people stop doing cardio when they are trying to bulk up? To increase the chance of gaining weight, through our little energy balance lesson I just gave you. Energy intake>energy expenditure for building muscle.

With that said, your nutrition has to match the outcome you want to create. This end calorie total is what matters most. If you want to eat 1 meal per day, or 6 small meals every 3 hours, it doesn’t really matter as long as you hit the calorie number you were supposed to hit. The number of meals you eat over a 24 hour period will never hold as much value as the total amount of food you ate via calories.