How I’ll Fit Candy Into My Diet Tomorrow

One of my best friends is coming over to talk some business and hang out. In middle school, he and I ate Sweedish Fish and watched basketball games. Nearly a decade later, we will continue that tradition tomorrow night. Yes, I already bought Sweedish Fish. Yes, I’m going to eat a bunch of them. Here’s how I’m going to adjust my diet so I don’t get set back.

I’ll simply eat less carbs during the day. I will save 70 grams of carbs for the Sweedish Fish. That’s about 2 servings and nearly 40 pieces. Instead of 2 cups of rice or a couple bananas, I’ll have Sweedish Fish. Is that ideal? Nope. Will I miss out on some nutrients and vitamins that would be in a few bananas? Yep. Do I care? No. Will one day of eating Sweedish Fish ruin my body forever and make me lose all credibility as a health professional? Nope.


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