Are You Truly Hungry?

Let’s be honest, you’ve started snacking on a bag of chips, and before you knew it, the entire bag was gone. Perhaps you were watching TV or talking with friends, and you didn’t realize you ate an entire bag of chips. This happens all of the time. (Think about how much money movie theaters make on selling food and drinks.) Food should serve a purpose in your life. You use food, food doesn’t use you. If you’re truly hungry, then eat, but you may just be….

  1. Bored. If you want to feel like you’re doing something, go do something. Don’t use food as a tool to fill an empty space in your day.
  2. Thirsty. There’s been many times where I thought I was hungry, but I was just thirsty. Here’s a good test. If you think you’re hungry, drink a water bottle. If you’re still hungry 15 minutes after that, eat. If you’re not hungry, then you’re not hungry, so don’t eat.

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